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STARRING : Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Nazar, Prakash Raj and others

MUSIC :  S.S.Thaman
DIRECTOR : Puri Jagannath

RELEASE DATE : Jan 13th, 2012

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Businessman Star Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Nazar, Prakash Raj and others Director: Puri Jagannath Music: Thaman SS Release date: 13 January, 2012

The much awaited film in the combination of Mahesh Babu and Puri Jagannath ‘Businessman’ has finally arrived. Let us see how far the film has lived up to the hype and expectations.


The story is about a young man Surya (Mahesh Babu). He comes to Mumbai on a mission. The mission is not exactly known but he sure has his goal firmly set. He uses the small time goons in Mumbai and enrolls them in his gang. He slowly expands his empire and builds up a reputation.

Surya then moves to the next level. He impresses a local political leader who is a aspiring Mayor. Surya manages to make Sayaji Shinde the Mayor of Mumbai. For this he crosses swords with a powerful union minister in Delhi – Jaidev (Prakash Raj).

On a parallel track Surya woos Chitra (Kajal Agarwal). She falls for him but starts hating him when she learns that he is a ruthless operator. Chitra’s father is none other than the city police commissioner Nazar. The top cop is surprised with the new extortions in the city as he has rid the city of all mafia dons.

Surya then sets his eyes on a powerful politician in Delhi. He tells him that he will make him the next Prime Minister of the country. Surya also takes it upon himself to fund the entire poll expenses of all the Lok Sabha candidates amounting to nearly 35,000 crores.

What exactly is Surya’s motive? Why is he doing all this? How does he arrange the money to fund the poll expenses. What is the end result? Will Chitra who has left him come back? Answers to all this and more can be found on the silver screen.


It is simply a Mahesh Babu show all the way. He is cool and charming. Mahesh even shakes his leg for a couple of songs. The song ‘Saar vastaru vastaru…’ has Mahesh shedding his inhibitions and dancing freely. His trademark style, mannerism, dialogue delivery are all there. Kajal Agarwal is okay. She looks great in the song sequences but in some scene s she looks very plain. Her role is limited and hence there is not much scope for her to perform.

Nazar s the city police commissioner comes up with a well balanced yet powerful performance. Prakash Raj as a union minister is okay. Sayaji Shinde is seen in a routine role. Brahmaji plays Mahesh Babu’s assistant. Subba Raju and others just go about their roles as required. Puri Jagannath makes a guest appearance as a cab driver.


The film Businessman is slightly different from the mass masala films that one is used to. Puri Jagannath comes up with a different line and though the story is wafer thin, he makes it up with some clever and interesting screenplay. The lack of a strong villain and the routine revenge motive of Mahesh Babu is too weak for the audience to get excited and root for the hero. The villain normally comes at the beginning and starts tormenting people. This will wake up the hero and he will start seeking revenge. The audience too normally empathizes with the hero and wants him to vanquish the villain and do it in the cruelest way possible. Alas, all this is missing in Businessman. 

The late entry of the main villain in the film Prakash raj is a big minus. This has taken the suspense factor out of the film. The audience doesn’t know till the end why Mahesh Babu is doing all this - and why? Is he indeed on a noble mission or is he just there to become a big don and become powerful like the other dons who ruled Mumbai in the past.

It is only some of the punch dialogues of Puri Jagannath that work for the film. The first one bout God and why people only go to temples for their own selfish motives is good. The dialogue on fish sounds a bit too preachy.

The biggest claps are heard when Mahesh Babu mouths the punch dialogue – “Nenu elago alaa bathikeyadaaniki raaledu. Mumbai ni uchcha poyinchadaaniki vachchaanu”.

The other dialogues that gets good response are  “Nannu chuttu roundup chesi confuse cheyyaddu… confusion lo ink ekkuva kodathanu” and “Dabbu shaaswatham kaadu, manushule shaashwatham antoo untaaru. Kaanee manushulu chachchipothunnaaru, dabbu maathram chaavatledu…”

Businessman in a way is a serious kind of film that does not have the regular entertainment aspects. The punch dialogues of Puri delivered by Mahesh Babu in his inimitable style can be termed as the only special aspects of the film. The music is okay the background score is only partly effective.

The film does not involve the audiences at all. We don’t known why and what Mahesh is after and this disengages the audiences completely. Finally when we learn the reason behind Mahesh Babu’s ire and fire it is too little and too late and the film comes to a swift ending.


Puri Jagannath has made an intelligent film no doubt but he misses on several aspects that add a lot to the success of a film. The absence of solid entertainment and emotional aspects make the Businessman film look like a serious film that has limited appeal. There is nothing at all for the family audiences and there is also very little for the children. The film will only appeal to the die hard fans of prince Mahesh Babu.

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